Liposomal nanocarriers for diagnostics, imaging and drug-delivery

The use of liposomes as pharmaceutical nanocarriers for treatment, diagnosis and monitoring of diseases has gained considerable interest within the last years. Meanwhile, liposomes have proven their pharmaceutical applicability as controlled release formulations, which can be  administered by different routes. Besides, liposomes are considered as promising targeted signal-emitter for non-invasive molecular imaging.  Advanced strategies in development of liposomes include polymer coating and surface functionalization with ligands or antibodies to achieve targeted delivery for precision medicine.

Present  topics

  • Magnetoliposomes : Design, development and characterization of superparamagnetic ironoxide nanoparticle loaded liposomes for magnetic resonance imaging.

  • LIPOCEST : Development of a novel class of contrast agents for magnetic resonance imaging.

  • Targeted sterically stabilized liposomes for molecular imaging of atherosclerotic plaques.

  • Thioliposomes : Thiochitosan-coated liposomes with enhanced mucoadhesive properties for oral drug delivery.

  • Liposomes for miRNA delivery.

  • Liposomes as nanocarriers for pulmonary application via inhalation

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